Govan Brown




  Square Footage: 4,000
  Market Sector: Financial
  Architect/Designer: Group2Architecture
  Electrical Engineer: Emans Smith Andersen
  Mechanical Engineer: Mulvey & Banani
  Landlord: GWL Realty Advisors

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Located in the upscale Eau Claire neighbor-hood of Calgary is the new site of Net Energy Fi-nancial. Placed on the 2nd floor of the E&Y Tower, this 4,000 square foot space was built-out under the management of our Govan Brown construction team. Net Energy had decided to move from their previous location to a larger space, complete with high-end design elements that would complement the professionalism of their company. The focus of the Net Energy build-out was to create a space compatible with the fast-paced sector of

their work while also delivering an aesthetic presence that reflected the refined reputation of the company. The upscale design elements included multiple drywall bulkheads, color accents, high gloss white laminate kitchen with rich black pearl countertops, unique 11’ high frameless glass and drywall partition combination and custom-built sliding glass doors and office fronts. The upscale design also protruded into the mechanical aspect of the renovation. New electrical and data components were installed to suit the client’s high requ-

irements.Post racks were installed in the computer room for  power  and cable management and finally a two-ton AC unit was installed to ensure the proper conditioning of all the technical equipment. Furthermore, in the trading area our team installed flat screen monitors and built a raised floor with separate circuitry and communication cabling. Despite being requested to shorten the schedule by one week mid-project, we were able to move the client in on time.