Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 20,170
  Market Sector: Institution/Government
  Architect/Designer: OITA
  Electrical Engineer: Hemisphere
  Mechanical Engineer: Hemisphere
  Landlord: Alberta Public School

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Following the decision to close the existing Mundare School in Alberta, Govan Brown’s Prairie offices were retained to erect a new, 20,170 square foot school in its place. Located an hour east of Edmonton, the Mundare Replacement School project, set to open by the beginning of the 2014 school year, is designed to be a premiere academic institution to accommodate students from the surrounding areas. Prior to the  new  school’s construction, it was necessary to tear down the

existing school building. Of the former space, only the 7,500 square foot gymnasium was incorporated into the new design. The replacement school contains many new facilities including, 3 modular classrooms, 9 normal classrooms, a two-storey library, art room, music room, culinary science classroom and ancillary space for administration and staff. The space is supported by a newly-built, 1,160 square foot mechanical mezzanine which services all related mechanical and electrical

equipment. In addition to the impressive amenities in the school, the space was built to LEED silver certification with an overall design that reflects an efficient use of space. The Mundare School Replacement Project is one of many Edmonton projects Govan Brown has received in the area. Recently, Govan Brown established a formal office in Edmonton, our second in the province.