Govan Brown


 120 bremner, TORONTO, ON

  Square Footage: 257,325
  Market Sector: Consultants
  Architect/Designer: Perkins + Will

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In 2013, Marsh & McLennan Companies retained Govan Brown to complete the renovation and reconfiguration of 9 floors in the newly built business tower at 120 Bremner Boulevard in Toronto. The new tower is situated in the southern tip of the downtown core, and enjoys a place of prominence next to the Air Canada Centre to the East, Rogers Centre to the West, Union Station to the North and Lake Ontario to the South. Occupying the 4th to the 13th floors, the new MMC location is a consolidating space for four separate offices. The design intent of the space was to create an office that was open and encouraged employee collaboration. The well-lit area is panelled with wood finishes throughout, and the aesthetic is heavily influenced by modern design. Collaboration and

modernity are coupled with the extensive package present throughout the office. The 8th floor is a dedicated conference floor with executive offices that are divided by Skyfold partitions which can be reconfigured, transforming the space from a single large conference centre to three smaller meeting rooms. The 10th floor is the staff training floor and is similar to the 8th floor as it can be transformed from a single room into multiple rooms. All rooms are AV friendly and equipped with large, 90" televisions capable of teleconferencing. Every floor is equipped with 4 AV ready rooms; all lunchrooms can transformed into AV ready rooms in just minutes. To support the vast mechanical and electrical demands of the space, the 9th floor is fitted-out with a Main Distribution Frame 

(MDF). The MDF acts  as a kind of data and mechanical centre, regulating the energy requirements of the 9th floor office. The MMC floors were just some of the floors that Govan Brown was completing in the tower, and our organization's familiarity with the space as a large part of the project's success. The modern MMC space is an interesting project that benefitted greatly from our familiarity with the building and the landlords. The highly congested and high profile tower could have proven to be a challenge, but was circumnavigated by our team's efforts in the pre-construction phase and our communication with all team members involved during construction.