Govan Brown


  Square Footage: 10,000
  Market Sector: Financial/Institutional
  Architect/Designer: 4te Inc.
  Electrical Engineer: RJ McKee
  Mechanical Engineer: RJ McKee

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The MD Financial project took place in a Class A building and consisted of refitting the client services area of the client's space amounting to roughly 10,000 square feet. Navigating multiple change orders, our team was  able  to  refinish the space with high-end AV upgrades, high-end millwork, DIRTT wall systems and other finishes present in the space. A Govan Brown Site Superintendent was on-site throughout the construction


phase to ensure that all trades met their project milestones and that safety was adhered to, including ingratiating the building's safety standards with our own. A large risk that we were challenged with was to guarantee the safe handling and installation of equipment that dealt with high-level data and security information. This meant that we could only employ trades that complied with the extensive  security requi-

rements of the client. A lesson learned also turned out to be a major success of our which was to meet the deadline while dealing with a large amount of change orders. We liaised with the client a critical juncture in the project to communicate that the increasing number of change orders would adversely, unavoidably, detract from unmovable milestones. Therefore, client expectations had to be managed and priorities had be re-established midway through the project.