Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 40,000
  Market Sector:  Legal
  Architect/Designer: Martha Dorion Architect
  Electrical Engineer: Hidi Rae Consulting Engineers Inc.
  Mechanical Engineer: Hidi Rae Consulting Engineers Inc.
  Landlord: Oxford Properties

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Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the offices of Lenczner, Slaght, Royce, Smith, and Griffin retained Govan Brown as their construction managers for the build-out and renovation of two floors. LSRSG, who already rented the 26th floor, had recently acquired the 25th floor and looked to connect the two floors with an internal staircase. Furthermore, along with the entire build-out of the newly acquired 25th floor, they sought to renovate the 26th floor to match the modernity of the new space all while remaining operational. The key to  completing the high  profile litigation  firm’s project

on time was the internal staircase. Govan Brown’s importance during the pre-construction phase was validated by our ability to locate and pre-select a metal contractor to work with designers and engineers to provide shop drawings for the internal staircase while maintaining the budget. Additionally, our extensive scheduling allowed for us to work productively while allowing the staff to operate normally. To accommodate the staff, our construction team set up swing space for easy movement and temporary reception during construction.   Other  notable  design elements in-

corporated in the renovation included a larger conference room with skyfold partitions that provided multiple scale options for different meeting sizes.  We were also able to accommodate a late addendum to renovate the 25th floor bathrooms without delaying our predetermined schedule. Since the foundation of Lenczner, Slaght, Royce, Smith and Griffin, Govan Brown has completed three expansion projects for the firm. We were happy to complete the project for the prestigious group on time and on budget.