Govan Brown


 Jackman Reinvents
 345 Adelaide STREET west, TORONTO, ON

  Square Footage: 15,500
  Market Sector: Retail and Hospitality
  Architect/Designer: B+H Architects
  Electrical Engineer: Hidi Rae
  Mechanical Engineer: Hidi Rae

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In 2012, marketing moguls Jackman Reinvents retained Govan Brown to build-out a new space that would reinvigorate the creative company. Working in close connection with our client, Govan Brown was able to construct a space that met all of Jackman’s needs. Jackman’s new head office was located in a 2-floored brick and beam space in Toronto’s downtown core.  The aesthetically pleasing brick and beam base, although beautiful, provided our team with a few challenges. The open format wood floors and solid wall surfaces made sound attenuation very difficult and as such, the majority of the project’s noisy work had to be completed after hours. Given the accelerated schedule and after-hours requirements, our team deployed an overtime contingent to ensure we completed the project on time. Impressively, we were able to complete a full build-out of the Jackman space in two months. The office was predominantly  open to encourage

collaboration while also containing closed offices for executives. Other features included new washrooms, boardrooms, glass office fronts, staff kitchen with accompanying server, an IT server room, HVAC system with RTUs and LCD AV features throughout. The intense collaboration between all project members allowed our team to conduct rigorous value engineering that allowed our client’s budget to go further than previously imagined. It was important to our team that we executed the creation of Jackman’s space flawlessly. Govan Brown and Jackman Reinvents conduct similar operations in that they are both in the business of reinventing and reinvigorating organizations.interior renovation began. The clean and organized placement of work stations, offices, kitchen and complex AV systems are indicative of Gluskin Sheff’s efficiency. The 51st, and highest floor of the tower, was completed as the Senior Partner area. The

floor, complete with boardrooms and reception area, contain elegantly paneled doors that seem to vanish seamlessly into the wall. The aforementioned staircase however was the prominent element of the project; it consisted of treads made of individual slabs of stone that appear to be stacked upon each other without additional support. It isfurther complemented by an elaborate bronze handrail that leads to more boardrooms accented by skyfold partitions and proud displays of extensive millwork. The AV system is probably the most prominent in the Traders Area, which is formed by a large, semi-circular custom-made desk, and house a multitude of screens and monitors all of whom are flawlessly integrated into the millwork. Gluskin Sheff has been a valued client of Govan Brown for several years. We were proud to have completed their project to their exact specifications.