Govan Brown

 134 peter STREET, TORONTO, ON

  Square Footage: 8,500
  Market Sector: Manufacturing
  Architect/Designer: Bennett Design
  Electrical Engineer: HH Angus
  Mechanical Engineer: HH Angus
  Landlord: Allied Properties

Located on the 16th floor of 134 Peter Street in Toronto is Interface’s cutting edge showroom. The brand new space is in one of Toronto’s most innovative buildings. Similarly, our team, Interface, and project partners Bennett Design were able to build the project

to LEED V. 4 standards – the 1st project in Canada to be awarded this distinction and just the second in the world. Along with being a showroom for Interface’s versatile products, the new space also acts as an office. As such part of our scope was to, along with installing

various millwork product displays, build offices and meeting rooms. This project was built from a base-building shell and we managed to complete the entire space within budget and on time while also exceeding LEED goals.