Govan Brown


  Square Footage: 48,000
  Market Sector: Financial and Insurance
  Architect/Designer: AI Interior Architects
  Electrical Engineer: Clifford Dias
  Mechanical Engineer: Clifford Dias

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Govan Brown recently completed a space for a multi-national insurance firm residing in a newly constructed business tower in down town Toronto. Beginning in January, our team built-out the firm's new 48,000 square foot space in less than six months and well before the original deadline. The office, built over two and a quarter floors, consists entirely of raised access flooring. The raised floors sit roughly 18" off the cement floor plate which allows all the tech and computer cabling from the workstations to flow under the floor to hub  rooms  and the Intermediate  and  Main  Distribution  Frames (IDF/MDF). These IT rooms are

supported by Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units and UPS systems to guarantee the steady operation of the equipment within the room. Atop of the raised flooring are interesting ceramic finishes that did not betray the existence of the access floor. Similarly, Mura-Flex wall systems were tailored into the raised flooring plan which is unconventional, but aesthetically the combination is sleek and functional. The office was also constructed to be accessible to all and was built with full-access washrooms to accommodate the staff. Further consideration for the staff is evident  in  the  construction of serveries and

"tea rooms" that were built on the 21st and 22nd floors with a full lunch room on the 20th floor. Other common areas for the office include multiple AV functional conference rooms, new lobbies with ceramic finishes and large boardroom. The boardroom is concentrated around a large, 22 person table with built-in AV features and teleconferencing. Lined on one side by semi-translucent partitions, the boardroom is the epicenter of the new office and reflects the sophistication of our client.