Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 89,299
  Market Sector: Financial
  Architect/Designer: OITA
  Electrical Engineer: TMP Consulting Engineers
  Mechanical Engineer: Mulvey & Banani
  Landlord: Brookfield Office Properties

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After years of continued partnership, this Canadian financial client once again retained Govan Brown to complete the restacking and reorganization of 2 existing floors of their corporate office in 70 York Tower. The project required that we complete the entire project while the office was occupied. To ensure we avoided disturbing the client’s ongoing  operations  it was  crucial that we conduct our building process in

the least disruptive fashion possible. To accomplish this feat, our team found it most prudent to break down the project into multiple phases and conduct the majority of the work after hours and on weekends. In doing so, we avoided disturbing the employees during the day, subsequntly allowing us time to clean any potential debris before the arrival of staff in the morning. Our mutually beneficial relationship with this client has

been built on a platform of confidence and understanding. Our client has been the ideal partnership as they are productive and efficient collaborators, aiding us in completing this project on time and under budget.