Govan Brown


 10250 101 ST. & 10561 JASPER AVE., EDMONTON, AB

  Square Footage: 31,031
  Market Sector: Financial
  Architect/Designer: OITA
  Electrical Engineer: Nemetz & Associates
  Mechanical Engineer: Cobalt Engineering
  Landlord: Aspen Properties

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In 2006, Govan Brown was retained by a repeat financial client to renovate two of their branches in Edmonton’s downtown core. The goal of the project was to complete the required renovations while the space was occupied and without disrupting staff and patrons of the branches. For the branches to remain open, it was crucial that the aggressive construction  schedule be determined in the pre-construction phase.


It was decided that a phased schedule was necessary. Further considerations included additional renovations for the older buildings in order bring them up to current building codes. The upgrade included checking for asbestos and replacing outdated and potentially dangerous electrical installations. For the project to be completed to our high quality standards, our team had to remain coordinated with our trades to ensure the

least amount of down time between construction phases. The aggressive construction schedule and occupation of the client’s branches was difficult to navigate but we succeeded in completing the projects on time and under budgets.