Govan Brown


  Square Footage: 40,000
  Market Sector:  Technology
  Architect/Designer: Corgan Associates, Inc.
  Electrical Engineer: Hewlett-Packard Critical Facility Service
  Mechanical Engineer: Hewlett-Packard Critical Facility Service
  Landlord: Hewlett-Packard Critical Facility Service

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Hewlett Packard has used Govan Brown for many of their construction projects in the past. Our track record of success with their spaces has endeared them to using our services and in 2012 they retained our team again to complete a complex project. HP’s Toronto data centre required the replacement of many of their electrical and mechanical systems but could not afford to halt their operations completely. Govan Brown was tasked with completing the project without causing a delay to HP’s day-to-day operations. Included in the scope of the Hewlett Packard Data Centre were many major mechanical system replacements. All

new Computer  Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units had to be replaced as well as other Air Handling Units (AHU). These newly installed features required the appropriate piping and wiring that was related to their functions. Furthermore all new plumbing and waterlines were installed as well as new electrical systems that con-trolled the majority of the data centre’s equipment. Most challenging however was the process of reinforcing the roof trusses above the equipment without halting their function. It was crucial that we maintained the safety of our workers while also preventing dust from penetrating the systems and ensuring that the

equipment had appropriate cooling. Other  work  was  done  on  the raised floor while we also installed new partitions. The success of this complicated project relied on our ability to schedule and sequence work effectively. Our capacity to delegate and communicate diligently with trades and clients resulted in the successful completion of the space. The Hewlett Packard project showcased our talent for problem solving quite accurately. Not only did we reach our project goals on schedule but we maintained a steady work flow while value engineering was being completed.