Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 58,000
  Market Sector: Consultant
  Architect/Designer: Figure3
  Electrical Engineer: Smith & Andersen
  Mechanical Engineer: Smith & Andersen
  Landlord: GWL: Brookfield Properties

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Halcrow Yolles, the Toronto branch of the infamous Halcrow Group, retained Govan Brown as their construction managers in 2006 to fit-out their Queens Quay space. Govan Brown was later retained in 2008 to build-out another 20,000 square foot area for their engineering consultants; on this occasion however, the project was to be LEED-certified. Govan Brown has completed 58,000 square feet of space for the international company and has updated their space within a Toronto heritage building into a modern example of office design and excellence. The project was located inside a 100-year old heritage building

in the heart of downtown Toronto. Many difficulties arose from the location including having to apply for a permit from the heritage council for construction as well as ensuring that the design elements complemented the original format of the building. Included in these challenges was the lack of plenum space (space between the drop ceiling and the actual ceiling), which made it difficult to run electrical and mechanical installa-tions.  Due to the outdated plumbing configuration in the building, our trades had to access the space through other tenant areas in order to properly reconfigure the plumbing to meet the speci-

fications of our client. By the time of completion, we had successfully built a ‘quiet room’, shower and washroom facilities, a lounge area, an elevator lobby that went up to an atrium, meeting rooms, open work areas, private offices with glass fronts, powder-coated steel mesh column surroundings and glossy black millwork door surrounds. The internationally-renowned and respected Halcrow Group is an organization with an esteemed position in the global community. We were happy to complete and deliver a project of such magnitude to a company with a reputation like Halcrow Yolles.