Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 42,000
  Architect/Designer: Giannone Petricone Associates Inc.
  Electrical Engineer: Smith and Andersen
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Having spent the bulk of their 20 year history in Toronto's downtown core, Govan Brown recently moved their headquarters from the fashion district to the west end's Junction neighborhood. Employing our own construction management team, we transformed the previously industrial building into a fully functional office space. The new office is a consolidating space for a large staff that had been previously separated by multiple floors. The innovative open floor plate and furniture orientation encourages collaboration and communication amongst a highly dynamic workforce. The main office area, a large naturally lit room is flanked by a western wall with 3 mounted flat screen televisions and a pool table to the east. Other empl-

oyee friendly features include two fully functional kitchens and a large multipurpose "Bat Cave" that acts as a meeting room and lounge. The space is also equipped with a gym complete with fully operation change rooms, showers, lockers, and washrooms. The office also contains themed meeting rooms democratically anmed after types of wines as decided by the office. The space also includes closed offices for executives and a very interesting plywood-clad room for the estimating team that lays in the middle of the project managment area. This ambitiously large office reuiqred extensive mechanical and electrical work. For the gym, a new separate air-handling system was used to cool the space  without  affecting the office overall

temperature. Considering the age of the building, all new HVAC systems had to be installed. Futhermore, all new custom light fixtures were pruchased for the entrance area while intricate hanging light fixtures had to be pre-ordered for timely delivery and installation. The successful completion of the 108 Vine space was due in part to the collaboration of the construction team and the comprehensive pre-consturction phase. Prior to beginning construction, the team went through two rounds of tendering to appoint qualified trades. The yearlong pre-construction process allowed our team to identify and avoid potential roadblocks and deliver a properly executed project.