Govan Brown




  Square Footage: 35,000
  Market Sector: Legal
  Architect/Designer: B+H
  Electrical Engineer: Mulvey & Banani
  Mechanical Engineer: TMP
  Landlord: GWL Realty Advisors

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In 2013, Fasken Martineau retained the services of our Prairie office to renovate 3 floors of their space in the BMO Tower in downtown Calgary. Having used our Toronto branch in the past, Fasken Martineau understood the extensive range of our capabilities and trusted our ability to conduct a full 3 floor renovation while allowing the office to remain occupied. For the 35,000 square foot space to be completed successfully, the majority of our team’s focus would have to rely on scheduling and phasing. Considering the client’s occupancy of the space, our team decided to divide  each  floor  into two separate construction

phases. While one section of each floor was being renovated, the other section would house the temporarily displaced staff. Although there was difficulty staging staff during the construction process, our team was still able to deliver the project to the client’s specifications. The design required a high amount of sound attenuation throughout requiring extensive ceiling systems, without compromising the aesthetic and maintaining a sophisticated atmosphere. Perhaps most indicative of the professional design intention were the two, wood  veneered   meeting  rooms. Meanwhile, the reception desk was built with

custom millwork and finished with a high-end metal covering. From a mechanical standpoint, the majority of the work was based around refurbishing the washrooms while the electrical work was extensive as the lighting fixtures themselves contributed significantly to the budget. The Fasken Martineau project is an ongoing process. With the substantial completion date just a few months away, our team has so far managed to stay ahead of schedule and maintain the budget.