Govan Brown

ernst & young

  Square Footage: 7,000
  Market Sector: Consultants

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Ernst & Young retaiend Govan Brown's services in 2006 to complete a renovation for their offices in Thornhil, Ontario. As a new tenant , Ernst & Young required that we demolish the previous tenant's existing layout prior to project commencement. The 7,000 square foot floor was to house the employees of the newly established Thornhill branch and simultaneously  convey  the aesthetic  of   their organization. Having converted the

existing floor back to its base-building state, our team had a clean slate to implement the Ernst & Young design plan. To begin the fit-out process, we installed HVAC and AC systems. We were then tasked with running the necessary electrical systems throughout the space and connect the office's LAN room to all the work stations and offices. The cosmetic  work   was extensive, especially where millwork was concerned;

paint finishes and carpet were uniform throughout and conformed to the Ernst & Young aesthetic. To finalize the project and to seal the Ernst & Young stamp on their new space, we erected new signage on the facade of the commercial office building.