Govan Brown

 4330 SAnderson way, Burnaby, BC

  Square Footage: 25,000
  Market Sector: Technology
  Architect/Designer: Gensier

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Govan Brown was recently retained to complete a renovation for Electronic Arts on their 12 acres campus in Burnaby, BC. The large campus has grown over the past years with the initial facilities being built over 20 years ago. Now the campus is comprised of multiple sports fields, gaming complexes and new buildings. Our team has been requested to update certain areas of the


20  year old, phase 1 building by renovating lobbies, office spaces, meeting rooms, and a substantial fit-out of the facility’s kitchen and cafeteria area. The largest portion of the forecasted work will be occurring in the kitchen and adjoining cafeteria. The aesthetic for the space will consist of many glass features and partitions along with exposed wood and high-end finishes. The


space will also have many digital and AV components, details of which are still in the final design stages. Separating the cafeteria from the outside patio will be large, retracting nano walls, which will reveal a barbecue and outside cooking area. As for the offices, EA has decided to develop an open concept office space which will encourage collaboration.