Govan Brown

 university of calgary clara christie theater

 3330 hospital drive nw, calgary, ab

  Square Footage: 2,040
  Market Sector: Institutional
  Architect/Designer: BRZ Partnership Architecture
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The Clara Christie Theater, a 2,040 square foot lecture hall located on the University of Calgary's health Sciences Campus was renovated in the summer of 2014. Govan Brown was retained to complete the project in a short 12-week span in order for the theater to be functional for the fall semester. Although the renovation occurred during the university's least congested semester, the Health Sciences Centre was still occupied at the time of construction. It was important to the existing students and staff that we were

diligent in erecting the proper hoarding and ensuring that we did not disturb fellow occupants. Our team was very methodical in communicating with one another and surrounding tenants about the possibility of loud work, and scheduled designated times to perform such work as to avoid interfering with day-to-day operations. The lecture theater was completely gutted prior to renovation. The amphitheater-style seating and stage is built entirely upon a raised floor. The floor was perhaps the most vital  component to the success of  the project,

mostly because our largest portion of work was dedicated to installing the floor and running electrical systems under it. Aesthetically, the theater walls are wood paneled which - along with being visually pleasing - is also acoustically advantageous. The front of the space is elegantly painted and the white boards throughout the theater are translucent glass surfaces.