Govan Brown




  Square Footage: 22,000 
  Market Sector: Financial
  Architect/Designer: Stantec
  Electrical Engineer: Stantec
  Mechanical Engineer:Stantec
Landlord: Morguard Corporation

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This CIBC project completed for a prominent financial client of Govan Brown was a complex assignment that required strict organization and attention to detail.  The unconventional project required that we downsize the current space from a large 52,000 square feet to 22,000 square feet.  In the meantime, while that work was going on, our team had to ensure that the occupants of the space could continue their day-to-day activities without hindrance.  To remedy the potentially, inconvenient situation,  we  built walkway tunnels and

erected hoarding walls to keep the noise and dust mitigation a minimum, while also ensuring the safety of the employees.  Accomplishing this feat meant that we had to phase the construction.  While one are was being worked upon, another would house the temporarily displaced staff, minimizing the disturbance to them, their work, and the systems they used.  In fact, dust mitigation and system maintenance was a main priority of our project; to make sure none of the sophisticated equipment housed within the  facility  was

damaged by dust or  water.  Equally as important was working within the facility which maintained a constant level of surveillance.  The highly secure nature of the complex required that we be escorted by designated office throughout the project.  All our movements had to be approved by 48-hour notice and as a result, client involvement was a high priority.  Our preconstruction organization proved crucial as we managed to complete the project on time despite the heavy impetus put on maintaining security.