Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 240,000
  Market Sector: Financial
  Architect/Designer: HOK
  Electrical Engineer: Smith & Anderson
  Mechanical Engineer: Smith & Anderson
  Landlord: Northam Realty Advisors

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 In 2008, Govan Brown was retained to complete the first phase of the CIBC Technology Relocation project at Trinity Square. The initial stage required the construction of all new corporate interior space along with a small server room and office space with a raised floor. Our team managed to complete this first phase of the project on time and on budget, exceeding our original LEED Gold goals in the process. CIBC retained our team to complete the second and much larger stage upon our successful completion of the first phase. The second phase of the project included an interior fit-up of 5 floors.   Each  of  the five floor plates

was made up  of 40,000 square feet, totalling 200,000 square feet.  These five floors were to act as a technology resource and network centre for the bank. The floors were made up of multi-use office and technology labs along with twin LAN rooms for each floor. To accommodate the influx of electrical equipment, a liquid cooling system made up of twin cooling towers was installed. The cooling towers service over 40 heat pumps that provide cooling for the 10 LAN rooms and technology labs. The mechanical cooling systems were installed on the roof and the  cooling loop  descended  to the fifth  floor. As for design ele-

ments, our team constructed twelve multi-use  meeting rooms complete with folding partitions. The 7th and most staff friendly floor served as a main command centre complete with a traders area and staff kitchen with lounge. The entire space was outfitted with uniform shop-finished panelling, modular workstation furniture and glass paneled office fronts for a seamless aesthetic. Govan Brown  has completed multiple projects for the bank across the country. Our quality, efficiency and adherence to LEED standards have made us a preferred construction manager of theirs.