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  Market Sector: Financial

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In 2014, Govan Brown was retained by CIBC to conduct a large flooring program for many of their branches in Western Canada. During our long relationship with the financial institution, we have conducted many project that have differed greatly in size and scope; this program being a grouping of projects whose scope was relatively straightforward was not without its our nuances. Occurring within a time space of just under a year, Govan Brown as able to reresh 34 branches in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan with new floors. 2014's CIBC flooring program and its success has been a template for subsequent Govan Brown programs. An achievement that has been replicated in

proceeding projects was our team's ability to schedule and phase afterhours work. At the time of construction, all of the branches involved in the program were occupied, necessitating an after-hours approach where work was completed exclusively at night and on weekends. To mitigate any affect we may have on the business, Govan Brown and our trades ensured that no debris was present when CIBC employees came to work and that dust mitigation strategies were applied. This approach was easily followed because our team employed one trade for all branches completed in Alberta and Saskatchewan; one trade was employed for all branches in B.C. A single on-site contact was bene-

ficial in communicating effectively and ensuring work was being completed promptly, to client standards, and ensuring that lessons learned from building previous locations were employed on the following branches. The repalcement floors were a mix of cermaic carpet tile and mamoleum finishes which enhanced the newly implemented CIBC branding standard. The experience gained on this project has been successfully applied to other programs we have completed for RBC and HSBC. Additionally, our successful after-hours construction techniques have made us the preferred contractors for many landlords in Canada.