Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 6,130
  Market Sector: Finance
  Architect/Designer: HOK
  Electrical Engineer: Emans Smith Andersen
  Mechanical Engineer: Emans Smith Andersen
  Landlord: Cameron Development Corp

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Sherwood Park is a community located a short distance east of Edmonton, Alberta. As part of an expansion program, Govan Brown was retained by CIBC to build a new banking branch in the large hamlet. Beginning from a base-building foundation, we were tasked with the challenge of completing the new tenant fit-out of this branch by the designated completion date of October 15, 2014. From the outset, the project schedule was aggressive. However, it was further complicated when the base-building completion date was extended subsequently shortening our interior

construction schedule to eight weeks. To combat our lack of time, we set upon organizing a seven-day workforce, cycling between after-hours work teams and day teams. The large construction contingent proved necessary when assessing the project scope. The CIBC aesthetic is very modern and sophisticated thus necessitating extensive interior work. Work included drywall ceilings, recess lighting, glass partitions, fire-rated computer rooms, all new HVAC systems, duct work,  rooftop units  and the installation  of  an  all  new  security system. We improved the condition of

our shortened schedule by ordering many long lead items in advance allowing seamless installation upon their arrival. Despite the aggressive and accelerated schedule, our team managed to complete the project by the original October 15th completion date. Our ability to work in a condensed timeline earned us a second CIBC project in Edmonton.