Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 3,000
  Market Sector: Financial
  Landlord: CIBC Bank (BJC)

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Govan Brown has completed many projects for CIBC in the last ten years, varying greatly in size and scope. Recently, our Calgary team completed a ceiling tile refresh for a branch in the downtown Calgary core. The goal of the project was to replace all old ceiling tiles in the three-storey branch, revitalizing the space in the process. Currently, our team is the midst of completing the third phase of the project. In conjunction with  the  3 floors,  the project is being completed in three

phases. Since the bank is occupied, all of the construction is being completed after hours. Along with installing new ceiling tiles, our team is also mounting new lighting fixtures, sprinkler head covers and reinstalling security system attachments including cameras and speakers. Our team capably avoided extending the construction schedule by ordering the long-lead ceiling tiles well in advance, ensuring a seamless installation process upon their arrival.

The invavsive process of installing ceiling tiles throughout the bank area was minimized due to our collaboration with the client. In organizing an appropriate constrction schedule, our team managed to avoid disturbing the daily operations of the bank.