Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 43,137
  Market Sector: Financial
  Architect/Designer: HOK
  Electrical Engineer: Smith & Andersen
  Mechanical Engineer: Smith & Andersen
  Landlord: Brookfield Properties

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In 2011, CIBC retained Govan Brown to be their construction managers for their 5th floor renovation in Toronto’s Brookfield Place. The project entailed having to renovate their occupied offices and install a trader’s area with accompanying office amenities. Govan Brown had completed a similar project on the 4th floor of Brookfield Place a year prior to this project and we were prepared to deal with the obstacles of this space. Govan Brown’s relationship with CIBC has been a positive one and the goal of the project was to com-

plete the project to same same level of quality that we had delivered to the client before. This occupied project required an extensive amount of scheduling. Completed in nine phases, the CIBC project necessitated sectioning off occupied areas of the offices while work was completed. Meanwhile, to ensure that the operations of the staff were not infringed upon, the majority of work was completed after hours. Included in the project scope was a mix of open offices, trading desks, workstations, private offices and executive areas.

Other spaces included boardrooms, training rooms, staff kitchen, washrooms, IT rooms and new computer rooms to house the trading area equipment. The nine phase build-out of the 43,137 square foot space was a success and occurred without incident to other building tenants or staff. CIBC is a Canadian finance mogul and valued client of ours.  We have enjoyed working with and collaborating on their projects to help realize their visions.