Govan Brown


  Architect/Designer: Atkinson Shroeter Design Group
  Electrical Engineer: RJ McKee
  Mechanical Engineer: RJ McKee

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In  2014,  CBRE  retained  our  Ottawa  team   to demise and expand their space into an unoccupied adjacent office in 333 Preston Street. The scope of this project included demolishing the wall that separated the space and refinishing the area surrounding the demolition site and  fitting-out  the new office space to match the finishes of the existing office. This project was an interesting endeavour as the existing office was occupied at the time. As such each trade employed-


painters, drywallers, plumbers, mechanical, electrical - were each retained well in advance to ensure that the schedule was developed prior to beginning  on site and that each scope of work was carefully planned and coordinated with others. As such, all noisy work, or work disruptive to the day-to-day operations of the CBRE staff, was completed after hours or on weekends. Other, less intrusive work was completed on regular hours. To further avoid disturbing the tenant, we erected hoard-


ing to separate the site from the occupied office.  Our strategies to protect the tenant also included safety talks with the tenant, landlord and project team to ensure we were all on the same page and aware of how to run the project with least amount of risk possible to everyone involved. As a result, we managed to complete the project on time, within budget  and  without  causing  any  harm  to their persons or business.