Govan Brown


 cactus club
 11130 jasper avenue, edmonton, ab

  Square Footage: 10,000
  Market Sector: Retail & Hospitality
  Architect/Designer: AOA
  Electrical Engineer: MCW
  Mechanical Engineer: Stantec
  Landlord: Canterra

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Enjoying a prime location in Edmonton`s Entertainment District is the new high-end restaurant Cactus Club. Adjacent to many of Edmonton’s most trendy restaurants and bars, Cactus Club entreated us to build a prominent space in a highly congested area. As previously mentioned, the new Cactus Club was located in the entertainment district.  As such, it was crucial to incorporate aesthetic elements that would draw in potential customers. One of such cosmetic details was the wood drop feature ceilings. For the ceilings to be truly original, we decided upon a custom finish prior to its installation. The ceilings were further complemented

by the orange Italian upholstery that decorated the booths and benches. Another interesting design detail was the Nana wall between the patio and bar. The Nana wall, which operates as a translucent folding door, provided access between seating areas and could be opened given the season. Despite the temperature however, the elaborate street side patio contained heated fire features to provide three-season accommodations for smokers who braved the elements. The restaurant was outfitted with a private dining room complete with AV features. All  new  HVAC   systems were installed to manipulate the exhaust. The HVAC

systems were also completed with high efficiency features that shielded the exhaust from neighboring buildings while also reducing the scent. As can be imagined, the complicated HVAC systems required extensive amounts of planning. The pre-construction phase was crucial in successfully coordinating both mechanical and electrical trades. In doing so, we avoided future roadblocks and were able to efficiently delegate. In partnership with our trades, we were able to deliver a project to Cactus Club they could be proud of.