Govan Brown


  Square Footage: 1,300
  Market Sector: Retail & Hospitality
  Architect/Designer: Burdifilek
  Electrical Engineer: MCW
  Mechanical Engineer: MCW
  Landlord: Ivanhoe Cambridge

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An embodiment of innovation, the Bell Store at Calgary’s Deerfoot Meadows Shopping Centre displays the edification of Canada’s communications leader. It was imperative for the 1,300 square foot space to reflect the distinction of Bell Mobility. Apart from the usual responsibilities of a construction project, this particular Bell location was one of the first ‘new prototype’ stores to be renovated in a rebranding effort. Consequently, we were challenged to construct a space that was both aesthetically striking and technically advanced. Among  the notable  renovations are the ‘Bell blue'

aminated glazed walls and contrasting black and white floating millwork. The stark juxtaposition of colours, paired with the minimalist millwork design, function to create an ultra-modern look. Our work was not limited to the aesthetic as we were also challenged to install new power and communication cables for the vast amount of electronics within the store. The store remained operational during construction. Thanks to creative scheduling and careful planning, Govan Brown organized for the majority of the work to  be completed prior to the store’s morning opening,

while having just the non-disruptive work completed during the day. A close partnership between the client’s project manager and Govan Brown allowed our team to complete the project in only four weeks. Bell’s perennial achievements in the realm of communication have endeared them to many across Canada. Govan Brown’s construction managers take pride in being able to construct a space that will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success of a nationally vital company like Bell.