Govan Brown


 410 adelaide STREET, TORONTO, ON

  Square Footage: 28,000
  Market Sector: Internet
  Architect/Designer: B+H Architects
  Electrical Engineer: Hidi Rae
  Mechanical Engineer: Smith & Andersen
Landlord: Jones Lang LaSalle

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The Fashion District in Toronto has become a popular location for many software and technology-related companies because of its relation and relative distance to the downtown core.  Amazon retained our services in 2012 to complete a space in the trendy neighborhood for their new Toronto headquarters.  Located in an older brick and beam building, the new build consisted of 2.5 floors and 28,000 square feet of  office space  and  was completed in two phases. Inherent in Ama-

zon’s design intention was a need to make the new space modern and unique.  It was decided that the client would keep the aesthetic of the exposed brick and beam while adding modern elements.  As an online retailer, Amazon required extensive cabling and tech-related equipment.  To support the large amount of equipment, a complete server room was installed along with high-security  measures.  We also installed an all new  HVAC system that met the requirements of

modern safety and exhaust standards.  Aesthetically, the office featured wood cladding in specific areas of the space while also adorned with multiple AV features.  The Amazon project was one that demonstrated our team’s ability to repurpose aestheically beautiful and older buildings into modern spaces.