Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 60,000
  Market Sector: Institutional & Government
  Architect/Designer: Sheater Design
  Landlord: CREIT

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The large 60,000 square foot Aeso project was a great opportunity for Govan Brown. The site of construction, the exquisite Calgary Place Tower, was a prime location for Aeso’s four floors of newly leased space. The project included a variety of construction settings including having to build from a base-building foundation opposed by other work areas that were built-out in employee occupied spaces. Given the large and complex nature of the proje-    

ct, it was crucial that all parties involved communicated openly. To encourage coordination, weekly site meetings were held. In attendance were architects, project managers, client representatives, electrical & mechicanical engineering consultants and IT resource personnel. Our team encouraged these meetings to ensure the partnership between Govan Brown and our partners remained strong. The schedule on the other hand was very

strict. Determined by the furniture delivery and installation date, our team had to ensure that all construction efforts were completed by the deadline. The Aeso project is great example of Govan Brown’s ability to delegate and organize effectively. It is vitally important to all construction projects that we communicate effectively and regularly with other project members. Team work is the key to all Govan Brown projects and we are proud of our work with Aeso.